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Winter is a nit that was snatched into Foo when she was only ten years old while playing a game with her sister, Autumn. She went to Morfit where she was taught by Sabine as many other children are. Winter helped Sabine figured out how to steal gifts thinking she was helping Foo. Some time while she was in Foo, she decided that she would turn back into an infant and go back to Reality, where she was switched with Janet Frore's baby. While she was an infant, she forgot everything that happened in Foo before she decided to help Leven Thumps. When she turned thirteen she found out she could freeze things. One day at school, she got sick of being bullied by everyone around her including her teacher, and so she froze her class and ran away to Oklahoma where she met Leven Thumps. Leven and Winter helped to defeat Sabine. They managed to go back into Foo, but there they had chaos to deal with. Geth was in a toothpick form, and she, Leven, and Clover Ernest had to restore Geth to a human form. Winter was captured in a rip torn by birds. Jamoon, a supporter of Sabine, kidnapped her and she was sent to the towers of Morfit, where her gift of freezing objects was stolen.

Leven came to help her, and they escaped. They managed to return Geth to his human body. Winter had a sycophant named Lilly, but had to give her up before she returned to reality.

Winter's appearance Edit

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Winter's appearance is her wild white-blonde hair which is very long and unruly. She has skin nearly as fair and deep profound evergreen eyes. She is very thin due to the fact that Janet never let her eat more than a crust of bread with a teaspoon of jelly on it and a few peas for dinner. She is described as having a full face with round cheeks and vibrantly pink lips. It is written that her willowy clothes and appearance make her seem like a shy spirit. In Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret, Winter dyes her hair red with the paint of an egg and puts it into pigtails to more easily disguise herself.

Special Gift Edit

Winter is a nit and her gift is to freeze whatever she wishes. She shares the same ability as Sabine, also a nit.