Foo--the place between the possible and the impossible--is a realm inside the minds of each of us that allows mankind the power to hope and imagine and dream. The powerfully gifted Leven Thumps, once an ordinary fourteen-year-old boy from Oklahoma, has been retrieved from Reality and sent to stop those in Foo who are nurturing dark dreams and plan to invade and rule Reality. In book four, the war to unite Foo and Reality has begun and is in full motion. Not only must Leven race across Foo to stop the war. With him now being The Want, Geth, Winter, and he must fight to save Foo before all is lost. There is no place like Foo.Nowhere are the shores more beautiful or the skies so deep and moving. Unfortunately, the beauty is unraveling quickly. A great darkness is ascending from beneath the dirt as the true evil of Foo is unlocked and the Dearth rises above the soil. Assisted by Azure and an army of rants and other beings determined to merge Foo and Reality, the Dearth had brought war to the very borders of Sycophant Run. Normally the sycophants would have the situation well in hand, but with the secret of their mortality finally leaked, Clover and his breed are vulnerable as never before.Wreaking havoc in Reality, Terry and Addy are about to join forces with a one-time janitor and the angriest, most confused toothpick alive-Ezra. He's got the answers. He's got the attitude. And he's selfish enough to sacrifice the dreams of all mankind for his own desires.Get ready to dine with Eggmen, ride on the backs of a Wave, find the Invisible Village, travel by rope, wrestle in chocolate, battle blindfolded, and, of course, live the impossible!

The Wrath Of Ezra