Gateway To Foo

Leven Thumps and The Gateway to Foo to is about a boy named Leven Thumps who enters a place named Foo with help from a girl named Winter Frore, a Sycophant named Clover Ernest, and a king (who was turned into a toothpick) named Geth. Leven, Winter, Geth, and Clover travel in the real world to find the Gateway to Foo. They meet Sabine, an evil nit who was snatched into Foo at the age of nine. Sabine wants to rebuild the Gateway to Foo so he can travel from Foo to reality and rule both places. Leven and his gang manage to catch up to Sabine and defeat him near water. At the bottom of the lake there is the Gateway to Foo hidden by Hector Thumps (Leven's grandfather). They enter Foo and rest there with Amelia Thumps (Leven's grandmother/grandfather's wife). Their journey continues in Leven Thumps and The Whispered Secret.