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Sycophants are creatures given to people snatched from Reality (who are then niteons, or more commonly, nits) to help the nit know what happened. When they are given to nits (or very rarely, an offing), the nit is their burn.

Additionally, sycophants can only be killed one way, by grabbing them by the nape of their neck, distracting them from Foo and their burn (usually with metal), and stabbing them with the bone of a sycophant. Because the sycophants know how they die, most return to sycophant run to die, so that none of their bones get in the wrong hands.

Sycophants also have a venom in their teeth that they use when they need a break or frequently called "Me Time". They bite their burn (or anyone, including other sycophants) and the venom knocks the victim out and shows them images in their head about how great sycophants are. The Sycophant that bit the victim is the only one to awaken the victim.

Sycophants are about 12 inches tall, and have thin fur all over except for their face, hands and elbows. This fur can be any color possible. Sycophants also have a peculiar ability to stuff themselves into another creatures mouth and take control. It is unknown where they go once inside the mouth. Furthermore, the bigger the being, the harder to control. They are usually tall and skinny but occasionally they are fat.