Phoebe is the only Longing left in Foo. She was hidden in the home of the want inside of a teardrop shaped metal cage on Lith before and during it sank, so that nobody would desire metal and cause more wars.  Leven falls in love with her the first time he sees her, he is constantly reminded of her when he sees Winter. She sinks with Lith but she does not die because water can not steal her breath. She was first introduced in Leven Thumps and the Eyes of The Want. She is in love with Geth, who loves her back. She is rescued by Leven in the fourth book. After her release, Phoebe flies over all of Foo returning desire the hearts of its inhabitants. She is said to be the last of her kind and mentioned having a brother. Phoebe has waist-length honey colored hair and a short spring green dress. She also has a small tear at the bottom of her left wing.

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