Nits are also called niteons. They are humans who had been on Earth and brought to Foo. They are the working class of Foo. They are stable, and one of the best dream enhancers. After they arrive in Foo, they are given a powerful gift. For example, many nits can control water or levitate. They are usually loyal and honest. Winter Frore and Sabine are examples of nits, and they both can control ice.

Nits in the Series:

  • Winter Frore (Freeze Things)
  • Sabine (Freeze Things)
  • Andrus (Freeze Things)
  • Sait (See Through Stone)
  • Antsel (See Through Soil)
  • Sam (Fly)
  • Albert Welch (See Through Soil)
  • Tim Tuttle (Unknown)
  • Johnny Chapman (Fly)
  • Amelia Thumps (Unknown)
  • Previosly Hector Thumps (Unknown)

Nit GiftsEdit

There are twelve gifts in Foo. Every nit can take on a single gift to help him/her enhance dreams. Offings can learn thesse gifts if they choose to as well. The gifts are:

  • See through soil
  • Run like the wind
  • Freeze things
  • Breathe fire
  • See through stone
  • Levitate objects
  • Burrow
  • Shrink
  • Throw lightning
  • Fade in and out
  • Fly
  • Push and bind dreams