Lilly was Winter Frore's sycophant before Winter became an infant and left Foo.

Lilly was originally a classmate of Clover Ernest, who had a big crush on her. She didn't love him back, but was friendly with Stream, another sycophant from their class. One day, Lilly left school. No one knew why, but some said it was to go help her mother. Lilly is introduced in the fourth book, as a lonly sycophant living in the Invisible Village. She was taken to Sycophant Run by Brindle, because he thought she had the key to the sycophant's secret, how they die. They are shocked to realize she does not have it. In the end, she and Clover fall in love.

Lilly is a white sycophant, twelve inches tall, but her leafy ears give her an extra few inches of height. She wears a pale yellow robe with blue around the edges.