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Clover Ernest is a sycophant from Foo assigned to look after Leven Thumps. Clover is a foot tall, furry cat like creature that is very curious and looks forward to a good adventure. He enjoys collecting various objects, such as candy and rocks. Before Leven, his burn was Antsel, but before that is unknown except for a girl Clover mentions by the name of Windy Stine. Clover also has the ability to turn invisible by putting his hood of his void over his head. His void has an unlimited size compartment in which he can store whatever he wishes. Clover comes from the Sycophant Run. Clover has huge luminous blue eyes and is covered in hair all over his body except for his hands, knees, elbows, and face. Clover loves Lilly (Winter's previous sycophant). He was trained by Professor Philip Winsnicker 

His middle name is Marrian.

Gateway to FooEdit

Leven Thumps is Clover Ernest's burn. Clover isn't the best sycophant, but the two become good friends.

The Whispered SecretEdit

The Eyes of the WantEdit

The Wrath of EzraEdit

The Ruins of AlderEdit